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Yemeni medical officials reported 250,000 malaria cases during the past six months, according to a Mareb Press report (computer translated).

Image/syafrani_jambe via pixabay

This is the latest infectious disease outbreak facing the war torn country with a crumbling health infrastructure.

Sources emphasized that “tropical epidemic diseases”, especially malaria, still constitute a real threat to the lives of Yemenis, especially with the continuation of the rainy season accompanied by the spread of mosquitoes that transmit the disease.

Ibb, Amran, Dhamar, Sanaa and separate areas of Hodeidah are the areas being ravaged by malaria. Al Hudaydah governorate is leading in the number of cases with 55,000 cases and 3500 deaths.

Medical sources in Sanaa say the actual numbers of malaria are higher than the reported numbers.

In Ibb governate, more than 38,000 malaria cases have been reported. A medical source said that malaria has invaded more than half of the governorate directorates and killed thousands of citizens.