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In a follow-up on the dengue fever outbreak, which was declared in April, in Zamboanga City, Philippines, the City Health office now reports 1,444 cases were recorded from Jan. 1 to April 23 this year of which 14 resulted in deaths.


Most of the dengue fatalities are from the 20-year-old and below age group.

Just in the past few days, dozens of cases have been reportedly hospitalized.

As of April 23, the villages with the most dengue cases are Tetuan (97), San Roque (93), Santa Maria (90), Mercedes (75), Putik (73), Pasonanca (70), Tumaga (64), Calarian (52), Divisoria (48), Boalan (46), Culianan (44), Guiwan (42), San Jose Gusu (39), Tugbungan (37), and Cabatangan (35).

These 15 villages account for 63% of total recorded dengue cases.

Local authorities appealed to the public to help curb the rising dengue cases by clearing mosquito breeding sites, use self-protection measures such as insect repellants, and cooperate with the city governments fogging activities.   

Health officials also advised residents to immediately seek medical assistance when dengue symptoms are observed.

Dengue is a viral infection transmitted to humans through the bite of infected mosquitoes called Aedes aegypti, which usually bite between two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset.

The disease’s most common symptoms include high fever, nausea, vomiting, rashes, aches, and pains, like eye pain or typically behind the eyes, muscle, joints, or bones.