Columbia University Professor of Microbiology and Immunology and Virology communicator, Vincent Racaniello, PhD, joined me in recording an interview about starting up a Zika laboratory and the weekly chronicles documented on the American Society for Microbiology blog, Zika Diariesfor the upcoming airing of Outbreak News This Week Radio Show Sunday evening on AM 1380 The Biz.

Zika virus plaque assay/Vincent Racaniello
Zika virus plaque assay/Vincent Racaniello

Racaniello describes the genesis of his lab, with a hint of humor, from acquiring the Zika virus itself, propagating and titering the virus, to the beginning experiments and the real world phenomena of getting ‘scooped”.

He explains the reasons Zika labs are exploding across the country and predicts “that within a year we will have learned more about this new virus faster than we have for any other virus.”

Dr Racaniello also discusses some of the latest research out there.

Listen to the interview below:

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