Health officials in Catalonia, Spain reported a case of Zika-linked microcephaly in a newborn, according to a statement Thursday (computer translated).


The announcement states: There are 39 cases of Zika virus in Catalonia, of which 15 are men and 24 women, all imported cases. Of these women, four are pregnant and monitoring of the pregnancy and the fetus is ongoing. One of these women, who traveled to South America some months ago, contracted Zika and dengue. According to the statement, the fetus has “various deformities”.

The health department continues to implement the protocol of care for pregnant women who are at risk for contracting the virus Zika. This guide action involves extensive monitoring of these pregnant women, but also their babies after birth.

Nationally, the Spain Health Ministry (computer translated) has recorded 105 confirmed cases of Zika virus infection, all in people from or who had visited affected countries, so it is imported cases. In addition to Catalonia, cases have been reported in Madrid (27), Aragon (10) and Castilla and Leon (9).