In the past two-plus months, Zimbabwe has seen an outbreak of typhoid fever that has resulted in more than 2200 suspected cases and at least nine deaths, according to local media.

Salmonella serotype Typhi
Typhoid image/CDC

According to Health and Child Care minister David Parirenyetwa, three out of every four cases have been reported in the capital city of Harare.

Officials say that so far, 126 suspected and 12 confirmed cases of typhoid have been reported in Harare since the start of the rainy season in Zimbabwe about two months ago.

The latest outbreak is blamed on water shortages and poor hygiene; however, a New Zimbabwe news report notes that government officials have issued a street vending ban. However, this has drawn the ire of the Zimbabwe Informal Sectors Organization (ZISO) that said the government must focus on providing clean water and sanitation instead of banning vending.

Typhoid still kills more than 220,000 people worldwide each year. It can be treated with antibiotics.