While many parents are unaware of the risks, one father made some noise on Tik Tok with a new video: daughter has pinworms.

Justin, a dad that runs the TikTok page drumbeatlane took to social media to tell the world of nightmarish parenting situation he was enduring, giving other parents a warning about the shocking secret plague – pinworms.

The viral video starts with Justin announcing the news, “my son has worms in his anus.”

A slightly terrifying but totally normal thing.

“No one tells you about this stuff when you’re thinking about being a parent but apparently it’s like super normal for a child to just have worms in his booty hole,” Justin says.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PINWORMS: https://outbreaknewstoday.com/parasites-101-pinworms-84500/

Dr. Cerissa Key, a pediatrician, responded to Justin’s disturbing revelation, assuring him and every parent watching, that pinworms are a common thing that happens in young children. Key also dropped useful information which may be unsettling for parents.

“Justin, sir. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But if your son has worms in his booty hole, sir, politely and respectfully, you also have worms in your booty hole,” Key reveals.

Key explained that kids are “disgusting” and don’t wash their hands well, so pinworms spread easily if a child at school or daycare has them. She advises that parents stock up on the chalky banana flavored medication that clears them up and to wash everything on hot while being sure to vacuum your floors well.

Check out Justin’s video: https://www.upworthy.com/dad-discovers-sons-pinworms-rp


Noteworthy comments:

“I have no kids and now I’m paranoid I have pinworms with no symptoms,” one person writes.

“I’ve raised 4 kids and never had this happen. Tomorrow this will be my entry on my gratitude journal,” a mom confesses.

“Do I have kids? No…Do I even work around kids? Also no…do I still have the urge to take this medicine just in case anyways? 100000%,” someone says.

Pinworm egg/CDC