The week of August 24-28, 2015, marks the second annual Contact Lens Health Week! This year’s campaign theme is “Healthy habits mean healthy eyes.”

CDC and partners created Contact Lens Health Week in 2014 to promote healthy contact lens wear and care practices that can help prevent eye infections associated with improper contact lens use. Contact Lens Health Week 2015 was moved to August to coincide with “back to school” health promotion efforts. This year’s campaign primarily targets teenage contact lens wearers, their parents, and eye care providers, but also includes messages and materials suitable for all contact lens wearers. As teens head back to school, reinforcing proper contact lens wear and care can promote good vision and healthy eyes throughout the school year and throughout life.

Health messages cover three key areas:

  • Healthy contact lens hygiene habits
  • Proper use, care, and storage of contact lenses and supplies
  • Regular visits to an eye care provider

On August 20, CDC released a report that found more than 99% of contact lens wearers may be engaging in at least one behavior known to increase their risk of eye infections. The results presented in this report highlight the need for education efforts to improve contact lens hygiene behaviors. We encourage eye care providers, parents, college campus organizations, public health practitioners, and contact lens industry representatives to help us relay campaign messages to teenage contact lens wearers.