Florida was the only state in the country with confirmed autochthonous, or locally acquired cases of the mosquito borne virus, chikungunya in 2014 with 11 cases.


The distribution of cases were as follows: Palm Beach County (4), St. Lucie County (4), Miami-Dade County (2) and Broward County saw one case.

All the cases had an onset of illness between June and August last year.

So far through July 18, there has not been a locally transmitted case in Florida or elsewhere in the country.

In addition, in 2014, the Sunshine State also saw  a total of six cases of locally acquired dengue fever, another viral disease carried by the Aedes mosquito. All six cases were seen in  Miami-Dade residents and acquired in that county.

The cases had an onset in June, August, and September.

To date, Florida has not reported any locally acquired dengue in 2015.

Even the travel associated chikungunya cases are significantly down. During the first 28 weeks of 2015, Florida has seen only 32 travel-associated cases, while during the same period in 2014,  81 travel-associated cases had been reported.

The imported dengue fever cases have been relatively even from 2014 to 2015 with 26 and 24 cases reported, respectively.

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