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As of Friday, the number of dengue fever cases in the current outbreak on the island of Hawaii stands at 233, with 3 additional cases reported that day. Of the confirmed cases, 211 are Hawaii Island residents and 22 are visitors. Three people are still considered potentially infectious to mosquitoes.

Image/National Atlas of the United States

Image/National Atlas of the United States

Physician and state Senator, Josh Green announced Saturday that he submitted legislation that appropriates $500,000 for additional response capacity against Dengue Fever on Big Island (traps, vector control, support) and an audit of the DOH efforts on the 2015/2016 outbreak.

“We deserve more answers than we have been given as a community. The reports released to date tell a very incomplete story, Dr Green notes.

“I also will be fighting for the full restoration of the public health positions (for Big Island) that went away over the years.

“This work, in addition to getting DOH more concerned about Rat-Lung Worm disease on Big Island, is a top priority.

“We need to have a success because future outbreaks of equally devastating infection diseases could potentially come to Hawaii.”




    • Debbie Hecht says:

      Hello Josh- Mahalo for bringing this forward to getting money involved!!
      I would hope this is enough money and enough involvement to educate people island wide about how to reduce standing water on their properties to eradicate mosquitos and how not to spread this disease ? I would think a island wide outreach effort to get rid of standing water via a mass mailing and sending health care workers knocking door to door would educate people to follow methods to diminish mosquitos that carry Dengue and other diseases. We all need this education!! It could start in hard hit areas and work island wide. I hope this is part of your vision for a campaign.

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