In a follow-up to a report yesterday, the man who was admitted and isolated at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center in Webster, TX, tested negative for the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), according to Galveston County health officials yesterday.

Galveston County, Texas David Benbennick
Galveston County, Texas
David Benbennick

According to local news sources, he did die sometime after receiving the negative results. No cause of death was reported.

The man in his 70s had recently traveled to the Arabian Peninsula where more than 800 cases have been reported.

The illness was suspected after the resident sought care in a local clinic. Given symptoms at the time and a recent travel history to Saudi Arabia the illness was considered a possibility.

“We are glad to report the test for MERS was negative,” said Dr. Mark Guidry, Galveston County Health Authority, “and we are also glad our medical provider in the Coastal Health & Wellness clinic was informed enough to consider the virus as a possibility.”