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Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Hospital Authority reported (computer translated) the first death from a novel coronavirus infection in Hong Kong.


The 39-year-old male was the 13th confirmed case. The Hospital Authority said it remains to be seen whether the cause of death is related to chronic illness.

Chief Executive Manager (Quality and Standards) of the Hospital Authority Liu Jiaxian briefed the latest situation of new cases of coronavirus infection at a press conference today. He said the deceased already had diabetes before contracting the new type of pneumonia, and the situation worsened sharply this morning. Authorities have referred the cause of death to the magistrate for autopsy.


The Thailand Ministry of Public Health reported (computer translated) 6 new cases of confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection.

Today, Dr. Suwanchai Wattana Yingcharoenchai Director-General of the Department of Disease Control  said of the additional 6 new cases, of which 4 are Thai people, of which 2 By husband and wife Has a history of traveling to Japan and 2 are non-bus drivers who accept Chinese passengers while the other 2 are Chinese tourists.

The Ministry of Public Health has coordinated to the Japanese International Health Regulation (IHR national focal point) as soon as the results of the laboratory confirm the infection. In order to obtain additional information to investigate the disease, 5 of the 6 patients are currently experiencing improvement when the laboratory results are negative.

There has been a total of 25 confirmed cases reported in Thailand to date.

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The Singapore Ministry of Health recorded an additional six novel coronavirus cases.

Three of the local transmission cases can be traced to contact with recent travellers from Mainland China. The fourth case is a close contact of one of the local transmission cases. The remaining two were from among the group of Singaporeans who were evacuated from Wuhan on 30 January.

Though four of these cases constitute a local transmission cluster, there is as yet no evidence of widespread sustained community transmission in Singapore.

The total cases in Singapore is now 24.


Jiao Yahui, deputy director of the State Administration of Health and Medical Care Administration, said at a press conference of the State Health and Medical Commission today that on February 3, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of pneumonia caused by new-type coronavirus nationwide was 20,438, with a cumulative death of 425.

The mortality rate of confirmed cases nationwide was 2.1%. The death rate was mainly concentrated in Hubei Province. The case fatality rate of confirmed cases in Hubei Province was 3.1%. The fatality rate of confirmed cases in Wuhan was 4.9%. The case fatality rate in other provinces except Hubei was 0.16%.