On Thursday, health officials with the Orange County Health Care Agency issued a Health Officer Order that requires the Children’s Dental Group of Anaheim to cease the use of that facility’s on-site water system for any patient dental procedures.

Image/Michal Jarmoluk
Image/Michal Jarmoluk

What triggered the order?

Ten confirmed and probable cases of serious infections in pediatric patients receiving root canals due to the use of that facility’s on-site water in the procedure which tested positive for mycobacterium that is similar to the Mycobacteria chelonae/abscessus.

“I am issuing this order to protect the health of the dental office patients,” said Dr. Eric Handler, Public Health Officer. “I’m requiring a complete replacement of the on-site water system so that we will remove the potential threat of infection.”

Officials say the order will be lifted when the following conditions are met: The facility must provide a written plan for replacement of the current on-site water system for review and approval by HCA; upon HCA-approval of the plan, the facility must fully implement the plan to replace all equipment that could potentially be a source of Mycobacterium as indicated by laboratory testing and all on-site water system renovation and replacement must be reviewed by HCA, including laboratory testing as appropriate, to assure patient safety.