In an update on the yellow fever outbreak in Angola, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that as of Apr. 10, a total of 1,751 suspected cases with 242 deaths were reported, of which 582 were laboratory confirmed cases.


Of the 582 laboratory confirmed cases, 406 were from Luanda province, 85 from Huambo, 22 from Benguela and the remaining 69 were from the other affected provinces.

Concerning yellow fever vaccination and upcoming campaigns, the overall administrative coverage of the vaccination campaign in Luanda province is 90% of the targeted population (5,900,775 of 6,583,216).

The total stock of Yellow fever vaccines as of 10 April: 670,700 doses at central store.

Huambo will be launching the yellow fever response vaccination campaign today targeting 930,751 individuals aged 6 months and above. Benguela province is yet to commence, the preparation process is ongoing with the technical support of the central level team deployed to the province.

Earlier, WHO reported on the yellow fever situation in neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which is directly linked to the Angola outbreak.