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A team of professionals from the National Institute of Health Laboratories (Inlasa) and the National Center for Tropical Diseases (Cenetrop) arrived in the city of Villa Montes to assess the possible outbreak of leishmaniasis, a parasitic disease spread by the bite of a mosquito infected.

Cutaneous leishmaniasis/CDC

The person in charge of the Health Unit of the Regional Government of Villa Montes, Agustín Quispe, explained that the arrival of these professionals is due to the fact that apparently two cases have been registered in this municipality. He stressed that they will be present doing field work and socialization until Friday.

Quispe stated that together with a health brigade they will be touring the area where these cases have been detected. He added that this field work will be done in the surroundings and inside the house where the suspects are kept.

“The objective of these tasks is to confirm or rule out cases of leishmaniasis, in order to subsequently take the measures and recommendations made by Inlasa and Cenetrop professionals,” he said.

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The official acknowledged that this disease is “rare” in Villa Montes, since there are usually one or two reports a year. He stressed that this disease has previously been reported in Bermejo, but not in Villa Montes, so it would be the first time.

“We as a Health Unit are looking to collaborate with all the logistics, both in human resources, means of transportation, we are providing everything necessary so that this team can carry out its work in the best conditions,” Quispe emphasized.