While compared to 2014, the dengue epidemic in Brazil this year is dramatically worse as Ministry of Health officials say the 845,900 cases of dengue as of May 9 shows an increase of 155 percent. However, on the bright side, the current outbreak of dengue fever represents a 30 percent decrease compared to 2013 which ended up with some 1.4 million dengue cases (1.2 million cases during the same period).

Aedes aegypti mosquito feeding on a human host/CDC
Aedes aegypti mosquito feeding on a human host/CDC

The Brazil Ministry of Health (MOH) this week reported a reduction in cases showing the peak dengue transmission season has passed. From March to April, cases fell by 27% in Brazil. In March there were 337,700 cases recorded 337,700 cases. By April the disease fell to 246,600 notifications. The trend is to continue reducing transmission with the arrival of winter, but preventive measures should be maintained throughout the year.

13 states are reporting reduction of dengue cases to include Amapá (79.3%), São Paulo (51.3%) and Maranhão (47.2%)

Regarding dengue-related deaths, the number this year is an increase of 25% compared to 2014 and a decrease of 33.3% compared to 2013.

While Brazil is reporting a reduction in dengue cases, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated it’s travel notice for US travelers to the South American country.