By NewsDesk  @bactiman63

The Bulgaria Ministry of Health announced today that the  immunization campaign against COVID-19 will be launched throughout the country on Dec. 27.


The campaign is organized by the regional health inspectorates, and the immunizations are carried out by doctors in outpatient and inpatient medical facilities, regional health inspections, by doctors in specialized structures of the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defense and by specially designed immunization mobile teams.

This was ordered by the Minister of Health with Order № RD-01-726 / 23.12.2020.

The Minister’s order clearly states that immunization against COVID-19 is recommended and free and is optional. It is carried out according to the requirements specified in art. 11 of Ordinance № 15 of 2005 on immunizations in the Republic of Bulgaria, and after express informed consent of the person or the legal representative of the person by signing the outpatient list issued by the general practitioner for the examination and placing the vaccine or by signing a form for informed consent.

According to the order, assistance for the implementation of the immunization campaign is provided by: the district governors and the municipal administration, including the health mediators, the Bulgarian Medical Union, the National Health Insurance Fund and the directors of the medical establishments on the territory of the respective districts.

Bulgaria reported 772 additional cases today, bringing the total to 196,658, including more than 7000 deaths.