By Jovanka Ciares

Chances are you are one of the tens of millions of Americans that suffer from one kind of digestive discomfort or another 2 or more times per week. Gas, bloating, indigestion, heartburn, constipation, all seem to be part of the “new normal”. But does it have to be?

The over-the-counter remedies for various digestive issues have become a billion dollar industry and it continues to grow as people desperately keep looking for relief and finding alternatives that don’t provide long term solutions.

Much can be said about how our diet and lifestyle choices must change if we want to finally get rid of these digestive issues. But what if instead we look into adding ingredients, most of which that have been used for centuries and are known to be highly effective in the treatment of digestive issues. Here are just a few examples:

Fennel Seeds

The seeds have been known and used since medieval times in Europe, India and the Middle East to treat trapped, painful gas and bloating. They have a sweet taste (similar to anise) so they are very easy to use in dishes, chewed alone after a meal or boil in water to make tea. Consumed after the first symptoms appear, fennel seed tea can help you feel better in a matter of minutes.

Ginger Root

Ginger is an amazing herb with many health benefits. Chewing raw ginger, or taking it as a tea can relieve nausea and indigestion and restore proper digestion, allowing you to eliminate properly. It reduces stomach upset and relieves constipation.


This herb is part of the ginger family but it has a sweeter taste. It is very common in Indian cuisine and used to soothe gas and relieve heartburn. The best way to use it is by adding it to your dishes as a preventative measure.


Another herb that helps expel gas and reduce pain and bloating. It is often used in Mexican and Caribbean dishes, it enhances the flavor of the food while improving your ability to digest your meal. It is often used in combination with fennel seeds and coriander as an effective digestive remedy in Eastern Medicine.

But what if you could have these herbs easily available in a supplement that will tackle your specific digestive issue? This is exactly what nutrition coach and author Jovanka Ciares is working on. She’s producing a line of digestive supplements using herbs & spices that are known to be highly effective in the treatment of digestive symptoms.

She’s created a new crowdfunding campaign to raise the start-up fund to bring this product to market. The line will be called D-Gest and with it, Jovanka and team hope to revolutionize the digestive health and supplement industries by providing a new herbal formula based on the Eastern Medicine principles Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine.