I recently read of this Loyola University News Orleans Parasitology professor who took a half-dozen of her undergraduate students to Almolonga, Jutiapa, Guatemala to assist and teach villagers, using an ecohealth approach, how to improve their homes in order to avoid contracting Chagas and other diseases.

I got the opportunity to talk to Hutchinson Distinguished Professor of  Biological Sciences at Loyola University New Orleans, Patricia Dorn, PhD on the Outbreak News This Week Radio Show.

Dr Dorn discussed the parasitic infection, Chagas disease in detail and she then talked about the students trip to Guatemala and the work they did there.

Lastly, she talked about her collaboration with other researchers who share the common goal of halting Chagas transmission.  Read more about that work at chagasecohealth.com

LISTEN to the interview below:

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Kissing bug next to penny Image/Rachel Curtis-Hamer Labs
Kissing bug next to penny
Image/Rachel Curtis-Hamer Labs