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The Costa Rica Ministry of Health confirms the deaths of three people from rickettsiosis, these cases were confirmed by the Costa Rican Institute for Research and Education in Nutrition and Health (Inciensa ) during epidemiological weeks 24 and 27 of this year.

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The deaths are three males aged 43, 53 and 70, all residents of Aserrí, two of the cases were hospitalized at the San Juan de Dios Hospital and one at the Calderón Guardia Hospital. To date, no new cases of this disease have been reported.

Rickettsiosis is a group of diseases produced by eight species of bacteria of the Rickettia genus and are transmitted by vectors such as fleas and ticks, which is associated with poor hygienic conditions.

Murine Typhus is transmitted through fleas and lice from animals such as rats and cats, this bacterium is found in contaminated feces that are inhaled or rubbed on the skin. This typhus is seen in emergency situations where there is overcrowding and the facilities do not maintain proper cleanliness.

Symptoms from this bacterium develop seven to 14 days after contact, including fever, severe headache, muscle pain, rash, which develops about three to six days after the onset of infection. disease. It is important to indicate that there are complications that are associated with inflammation of the lungs or liver, meningoencephalitis, acute renal failure and multiple organ failure.

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The Ministry of Health calls on the population to take preventive measures such as reducing rodent populations in the house, washing clothes, external deworming of animals in the home, avoiding overcrowding and improving cleanliness. Likewise, it is recommended that, in case of presenting any symptom compatible with this disease, go immediately to any health service.

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The Surveillance system remains active and health centers have been alerted to the possibility that other cases may occur, in order to start treatment quickly and in a timely manner.