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A total of 15,525 cases of measles including 655 deaths have been reported since the first week of 2023 to date in Kasai province, reports the Provincial Health Division (DPS).


The head of the provincial health division said that the health zone of Luebo is the most affected with more than 2,000 cases followed by the health zone of Kanzala where 282 cases of death have already been notified.

“From the first week to the 33rd week, Kasaï province reported 15,525 measles cases in all 18 health zones and 655 deaths, representing a case fatality rate of 4.2%. Luebo health is the most affected with more than 2,416 cases, Kanzala zone reported 2,187 cases, West Kalonda 1,652 cases, Mushenge 1,307 cases and Bulape 1,223 cases As for deaths, we recorded in Kanzala 282 cases , West Kalonda 67 deaths, Mushenge 72 deaths, Kitangua 50 deaths and Luebo 49 deaths,” Dr Urbain Mekanda said.

He said that all notified cases are treated free of charge in the nearest health facilities.

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The head of the DPS in Kasaï also says that the necessary measures have already been taken to prevent the spread of this disease, in particular the strengthening of epidemiological surveillance and routine vaccination.

It announces the launch of the measles campaign next month, and urges parents to get their children vaccinated.

According to the World Health Organization, a total of 101,833 suspected cases with 1,301 measles related deaths (CFR 1.30%) have been reported since the beginning of this year as of 15 July 2023 in 148 health zones across six provinces.

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