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In Haut-Katanga province in southern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), provincial Minister of Health, Joseph Nsambi Bulanda said a total of 563 cases of cholera including 23 deaths were recorded in seven health zones in the province of Haut-Katanga October 2022 to early April 2023.

DRC map
Democratic Republic of the Congo/CIA

Areas most affected by cholera include: the territory of Kasenga with 127 cases and 6 deaths followed by Kashobwe with 93 cases including 2 deaths. In Lubumbashi, it is the municipality of Katuba which is most affected by this epidemic with 71 cases including 2 deaths. Kisanga notified 45 cases including 7 deaths and 7 cases including 1 death to Kenya.

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Meanwhile, in the central part of the country, more than 700 cases of measles including 13 deaths have been recorded in 19 health zones in Kasai-Oriental province since January, according to the chief physician of the Provincial Health Division (DPS), Doctor Bonheur Tshiteku.

He asserts that the spread of this disease is due to low vaccination coverage, lack of means and the movement of the population.

“It must be said that since the declaration of this disease outbreak in February 2022, we have had to organize the response circumscribed in only a few health zones. With the movement of the population, today, we see that even where we had to lead the response, cases are starting to reappear. There is also a vaccine problem. To completely eradicate this disease, all children must be vaccinated,” he said.