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Kasai province

A total of 3,327 cases of measles including 132 deaths have been recorded since the first week of 2023 to date in Kasai province.


Since the beginning of the year until the 26th week (first semester, note), we have recorded 3,327 cases of measles. The health zone of Luebo is the most affected with more than 700 cases, it is followed by the health zone of Mushenge. In the town of Tshikapa, the health zone of Kalonda-Ouest is the most affected, followed by the health zone of Kanzala, which already has more than 30 deaths. So in general we have already recorded 132 deaths ,” said Dr. Delphin Liyeye.

Dr. Delphin Liyeye also announces the launch of the campaign against measles next August in Kasai.

A total of 2,118 cases of measles have been recorded in the space of six (6) months in the province of Lualaba, in the south of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Head of the provincial health division, Doctor Francis Kambol said:

“ The health zone that is hit now is Kapanga health zone which takes the bulk of 2,118 cases reported in the provinces, almost 1,231 cases have been found in Kapanga health zone, and this is where we responded to this measles epidemic with the support of the partner Médecin Sans Frontières. And the results were satisfactory. Overall from the first to the 24th week, Kapanga recorded 1,231 including 9 deaths ” , he said.


From the beginning of the year through May 7, 99,176 suspected measles cases and 1,239 deaths were
reported from 459 health zones (HZs) in all 26 provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), resulting in a case fatality rate (CFR) of 1.2%.

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