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The Heidelberg Zoo in Germany is reporting the death of a goose at the zoo earlier this month. The bird was infected with the pathogen, H5N1 avian influenza.

Image by Frauke Feind from Pixabay

Presumably the goose got infected from one of the wild birds that fly to the lake. Further deaths in the zoo in connection with the bird flu pathogen are not yet known.

In order to protect the other feathered zoo inhabitants, security measures are now being taken immediately in close consultation with the veterinary authorities at the city of Heidelberg and the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Food, Rural Areas and Consumer Protection. The zoo has over 400 birds in over 80 bird species, some of which are highly endangered such as the Socorro pigeons or the rare hornbills. In order to protect them as best as possible from infection, many of the birds have been brought into their homes or covered retreats since Friday. In order to avoid virus transmission by passing wild birds, all aviaries are covered with tarpaulins and tightly reinforced.

In addition, bodies of water are drained so as not to attract any more wild birds. Constant controls and samples are taken for all bird species in order to determine the spread of the pathogen as early as possible.

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