Patrons of more than two dozen restaurants and food establishments in Texas, Oklahoma and California are being advised to receive post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), if not already vaccinated against hepatitis A who may have consumed potentially contaminated tuna.

On May 18, Hilo Fish Company began recalling tuna sourced from Sustainable Seafood Company in Vietnam and Santa Cruz Seafood, Inc. in the Philippines that tested positive for the hepatitis A virus.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has provided the list of 25 establishments that may currently have potentially contaminated tuna:

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The first recall, which took place in Hawaii, consisted of imported raw frozen ahi tuna cubes sourced from PT Deho Canning Co. (JL. Raya Madidir, Bitung, Indonesia). That recall by Tropic Fish includes lot codes 609149 and 609187. No products are believed to remain on the market.

The current recall, which began May 18, consists of frozen yellowfin tuna steaks from Sustainable Seafood Company and yellowfin tuna cubes from Santa Cruz Seafood. This recall by Hilo Fish Company includes Tuna Steaks, 8 oz. individually vacuum packed bags, production date code: 627152, Lot number: 166623; Expiration date: 2018-10-01 and Frozen Yellowfin tuna cubes, random; Individually vacuum packed; 15 lb. case, date code: 705342, Lot number: 173448; Expiration dates: 2019-04-01).

The FDA says if you think you’ve gotten sick from eating recalled tuna contact your health care professional. The FDA and CDC are not currently aware of any illnesses related to any recalled frozen tuna. However, because hepatitis A can have serious health consequences, CDC advises post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for unvaccinated persons who have consumed any of the recalled frozen tuna products in the past two weeks. PEP offers no preventive benefit to persons whose exposure occurred more than 2 weeks ago. People who have consumed this fish fully cooked are at reduced risk of exposure, but are encouraged to consult with their medical professionals.