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Hong Kong health officials report investigating a measles case. The case is a 38-year-old woman with good past health, who has developed fever since November 19 and rash on November 20.

Hong Kong/CIA

She sought medical advice from general practitioners on November 19 and 21 and attended the Accident and Emergency Department at Queen Mary Hospital on November 22 for medical attention and was admitted for treatment on the next day.

Her vaccination history in not known and she travelled to the Philippines during the incubation period but had no travel history during the communicable period.

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The patient states she did not have contact with measles patients during the incubation period. Her home contacts have remained asymptomatic so far and have been put under medical surveillance.

The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) immediately commenced epidemiological investigations and conducted relevant contact tracing. Investigations are ongoing.

List of public places the measles patient visited during the period of communicability:

Health officials said, “Those who might have had contact with the patient during the period of communicability are urged to observe if they have developed measles-related symptoms, and to seek medical treatment immediately if such symptoms appear. If they need to visit any health care facilities during the period of medical surveillance, they should also report whether they have symptoms and prior measles exposure history to the healthcare workers so that appropriate infection control measures can be implemented at the healthcare facilities concerned to prevent any potential spread.”

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