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The Department of Agriculture and Food Security of Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region, confirmed that 10 residents of Hargomulyo Village, Gedangsari District, were suspected of being exposed to anthrax after consuming dead and slaughtered beef.

Bacillus anthracis bacteria

Head of the Animal Health Division of the Gunung Kidul Agriculture and Food Security Service, Retno Widyastuti in Gunung Kidul, Saturday, confirmed the suspicion of anthrax in Gedangsari District.

“After we received the report, we immediately took samples to be tested in the laboratory. The results of the sample testing have not yet been released,” said Retno.

The Secretary of the Gunung Kidul Health Service, Abdul Azis, said that his party had received a report regarding the alleged spread of anthrax in Gedangsari District. The Health Office together with the Department of Agriculture and Food Security have followed up on this report and joint efforts have been made to tackle it in accordance with their duties.

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“To confirm the case, samples have been taken from residents’ blood, soil to samples of the remaining meat,” he said.

Azis said the Health Office had given medicines to symptomatic residents. In addition, case tracking has also been carried out to reduce the risk of wider spread.

“Certainty is still waiting for the results of laboratory tests. However, countermeasures have also been carried out,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Hargomulyo Village, Sumaryanta said the chronology of the alleged anthrax case began with a cow belonging to a resident who died suddenly on Thursday (19/1). ) A total of 65 people contributed Rp100,000 each to be handed over to the owner of the cow, as compensation.

Furthermore, the beef was distributed to residents who participated in the contribution. There were 30 residents who had consumed this beef.

“Of these ten people have experienced symptoms such as anthrax, ranging from fever to blisters on their hands due to wounds. The 10 residents have been treated and samples have been taken to confirm their illness,” he said.

In addition to taking samples for laboratory testing, the rest of the meat Those that have not been processed have also been destroyed by burning. “We hope that residents who experience symptoms immediately go to the health center for treatment,” he said.