Here are the top five posts on Outbreak News Today for the week Dec. 22 through Dec. 28:

5. Lyme bacteria persister forms, antibiotics and essential oils with Dr. Ying Zhang


My interview with Dr Ying Zhang with Johns Hopkins was the top post of last week. This week it ranks as #5.

In the podcast, Dr Zhang talks about Borrelia burgdorferi persisters and his research with antibiotics and essential oils.

4. 10 Most Important Infectious Disease Stories of 2018: Outbreak News Today

My annual countdown of the Top Most Important Infectious Disease stories was the fourth most popular post of the week.

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3. Johns Hopkins researchers: Plant compounds may be better than current antibiotics at treating persistent Lyme bacteria

It’s back!! After leading the pack for two weeks straight and dropping out last week, this post is back at the #3 spot.

2. Six disease combo vaccine, VAXELIS, receives FDA nod

The number two post of the week was Sanofi’s announcement of the FDA approval of the new pediatric hexavalent combination vaccine, VAXELIS™

1. Ukraine measles tally nears 50,000, 16th death reported

The top post of the week is an update on the large measles outbreak in Ukraine in 2018.

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