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Italian public health authorities have reported four autochthonous dengue fever cases in August (three in Lombardy region and one in Lazio region).

Aedes albopictus

18 total dengue cases have been reported in Lombardy region, including the 3 local cases.

A link between the cases in the two regions have not been identified.

Italian authorities have implemented vector control measures in the areas and have established preventive measures on blood, tissue, cell and organ donors at municipal and national level.

European health officials say it is not unusual that autochthonous dengue cases occur during the summer months in parts of Europe. In Europe, the dengue virus is transmitted by the mosquito vector Aedes albopictus, which is established in a large part of Europe.

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The current weather conditions in most of the areas in the EU/EEA where Aedes albopictus is established are favorable for vector propagation, dengue virus replication in vectors, and vectoral transmission of dengue.

Autochthonous dengue cases were reported in Italy for the first time in 2020 in the Veneto region.

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