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Officials with the Jakarta, Indonesia government announced today that two  Sumatran tigers at the city’s Ragunan Zoo tested positive for coronavirus in mid-July and are currently recovering.

Image by No-longer-here from Pixabay

Nine-year-old Tino and 12-year-old Hari  experienced flu-like symptoms, trouble breathing and appetite loss.

According to Suzi Marsitawati, head of Jakarta’s Parks and Forest Service, the tigers underwent 10-12 days of treatment.

Ragunan Zoo has been closed since June as Covid-19 cases soar nationwide.

“We traced all the nurses and zookeepers (in contact with the tigers) and at the time they were sick, nobody was infected with Covid-19,” Marsitawati said.

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“So we are still trying to find the source.”

Indonesia is currently considered the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in southeast Asia with official numbers showing more than 3.4 million cases and 94,119 deaths.

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