Japan continues to report more cases of three vaccine-preventable diseases–measles, rubella and pertussis.


Image/MichaelGaida via pixabay
Image/MichaelGaida via pixabay

The measles outbreak in Japan, the largest in a decade, continues as the Japan National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Tokyo now reports 222 cases through Feb. 17.

Osaka (77), Mie (49) and Aichi (20) prefectures reported the most. Tokyo has seen 14 cases year-to-date.


The rubella outbreak from 2018 continues into 2019. Through Feb. 17, 528 rubella, or German measles cases have been reported.

Tokyo has reported the most case with 141, followed by Kanagawa prefecture (81), Chiba (53) and Osaka (46).


1,981 pertussis, or whooping cough cases have been reported in Japan year-to-date. Five prefectures have seen more than 100 cases–Tokyo (273), Saitama (127), Chiba (122), Osaka (118) and Shizouka (105).

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