Following the rough interview with pediatrician, Dr Bob Sears last night on All in with Chris Hayes on MSNBC last night, Hayes had on to respond, Dr Corey Hebert from the LSU Health Sciences Center.

Image/Video Screen Shot
Image/Video Screen Shot

What’s wrong with vaccine delay? Hebert said, “This is based on preferences, when we think of parental preferences, those are based on emotion, not based on science, so really bogus scientific data has no place in evidence-based medicine in the United States.

“We know that over 4 million kids will get combination vaccines this year alone, and it’s 1.1 in a million that will have a serious adverse advent or vaccine injury.”

Hebert then compares the risk of cerebral hemorrhage from an aspirin and the risks of vaccine injury.

Dr Hebert later in the discussion talks of the likes of Dr Andrew Wakefield and his debunked “research” and celebrities like Jenny McCarthy when he says, she “got her degree at Playboy University”.

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