Health officials in Sinoe County, Liberia announced the investigation into the “mysterious deaths” of at least six people, including students, in the port city of Greenville, according to a Daily Observer report today.

Image/onestopmap via pixabay
Image/onestopmap via pixabay

The Ministry of Health’s representative in River Cess, Derry S. Dokie told the news source, “Since 5 a.m. Tuesday, six persons have died from suspected fever of unknown cause”.  A rapid response team has taken specimens from the deceased for testing.

The Ministry of Health in Monrovia has been urgently called upon to put into place interventions before the situation gets out of hand and police have dispatched homicide and forensic investigators to the county. as part of the investigation.

Although not mentioned in the Daily Observer piece, another website, titles their post “Ebola Scare hits Liberia again” ; however, their is no evidence as yet that this is Ebola.

This follows a three-day international health conference in Monrovia last week on post Ebola virus disease in the sub-region. Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf indicated the Ebola threat still exists.

She said three most affected countries have put in place resilient health system that can withstand any outbreak.