I am often asked ‘WHY’?


Why is it so difficult to get treated for Lyme disease? Why don’t we have proper testing? Why do doctors know so little about this illness? Why do we, as Canadians, have to cross the border for treatment? Why do we hear that there are no ticks in this city, province, region, country? Did your son see the tick that bit him? Why doesn’t the medical community recognize this disease? Why does the media tell us that there are so few cases? Is it really that hard to treat? Is it really as much of a threat as you say? If so, then why aren’t doctors more concerned?


Allow me to summarize the reasons by outlining the political underpinnings of this disease — a.k.a. the madness of Lyme — as it reflects the experience of millions of chronic Lyme sufferers world-over:

  • There are corrupt players at the helm of this madness, whose self interests trump the public welfare.
  • The rush for patents in the 80’s further tainted our healthcare system, causing conflicts of interest and an extraordinary imbalance of power.
  • There is currently no real money in Lyme treatment for Big Pharma.
  • Admitting to the fact that millions are suffering could ultimately bankrupt the system.
  • The only way the medical community could profit from Lyme was by way of a vaccine which ultimately failed miserably, causing the very same disease that it was meant to protect us from.
  • A Lyme vaccine is not really possible when you define this disease as it truly is – a systemic, neurological, post-sepsis, immune destroying illness with relapsing fever, caused by OspA which is transmitted by ticks, Lymerix and by other means.
  • Therefore, the only way a vaccine may have been successful and reap billions for Big Pharma and the CDC was by narrowly defining Lyme disease as a simple arthritic condition – which it is not.
  • To further prove that chronic Lyme does not exist or may exist in small numbers, the perfect plan is to offer a useless two-tier testing method that has an extraordinarily high rate of false negatives.
  • Train all doctors to tell their patients that there is no Lyme here, ticks don’t cross the borders, states, oceans, or travel across continents.
  • Make sufferers feel like they’re crazy, malingerers, hypochondriacs, try to convince them that it’s all in their head, send them to a psychiatrist and call it a day.
  • Use medical and political doublespeak, such as Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome, to confuse sufferers, obfuscate the wrongdoings of the medical community, and blame the victims for their suffering.
  • Deny all peer-reviewed Lyme scientific journals, and scientists, calling them bogus.
  • Mock Lyme sufferers and advocates, calling them ‘anti-science’, ‘Lyme loonies’ and ‘Lyme nuts’.
  • Keep people sick and infirm so they won’t be strong enough to fight back and perhaps this whole mess will eventually go away.
  • Expropriate the licenses of physicians who dare to treat Lyme sufferers, or at the very least take them to court for years on end, exhaust their resources, and wipe them out entirely.
  • Show tons of empathy for those with the Zika virus, shed a few tears on national TV, and pour mega-dollars into this newly spread disease so that the CDC looks like it actually has a heart.
  • Get all media, politicians, doctors, insurers, and the public at large to believe that Lyme is no more than a little nuisance condition that is “hard to catch, easy to diagnose, and easy to treat.”

Now that, my friends, is how the medical community so elegantly creates Lyme Madness!

It may seem conspiratorial. It may seem impossible to digest. But it’s far more possible — and dare I say probable — than the notion that millions of once healthy, active individuals, world-over, are faking their illness and are participating in some kind of mass delusion that they are sick because they have nothing better to do than to become housebound, infirm, isolated, penniless and looking for some kind of perverse attention with no perceivable payoff.

This is Lyme madness in a nutshell.

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