The Jan. 31 airing of the Outbreak News This Week Radio show centered around the ever controversial and misunderstood tick borne illness, Lyme disease.

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During the first half of the show I talked to a Georgia teen suffering with Lyme and a couple of co-infections and her mother concerning her situation and battle with Lyme disease. 15-year-old “Lyme Warrior Princess”, Sammie Moss and her mom, Kym Manglona discussed Sammie’s illness, problems with diagnosis and treatment and their upcoming trip to Germany to receive apparently 97% successful holistic therapy in an attempt to put Sammie’s suffering behind them.

Visit their Facebook page to learn more about their journey.

In the second half, I talked to Bruce Fries with the Mayday Project, a Lyme disease advocacy group to talk about last week’s telephone call-to-action where hundreds of Lyme sufferers called their Representatives and Senators to take decisive action to combat the growing epidemic of Lyme disease.

In addition, Mr Fries and I went over some issues they have with the CDC and the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) concerning preferential treatment, conflicts of interest and much more. See their position paper HERE

Just a note, I did contact the IDSA to see if someone would appear on the show to address the issues Fries discussed and the above position paper; however, I received the following response from a spokesperson with the organization, Matt Sobczak:

“Hi, Robert – Thanks for reaching out to IDSA regarding this request. Unfortunately, we will not be able to participate.”

Let me say, the offer stands as I have no skin in the game and just want to get all the voices from the various parties out there. NOTE: Listen next Sunday at 8 pm ET as I talk about these issues with Dr. Holly Ahern, Associate Professor of Microbiology at SUNY Adirondack.

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Listen to the podcast below:

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