On this weeks episode of the Outbreak News This Week Radio Showthe entire hour was dedicated to the epidemic crisis going on in Venezuela. I was joined by infectious diseases pathologist and clinician at the IDB Biomedical Research Institute in Barquisimeto, Dr Alberto E. Paniz-Mondolfi.

In one segment we discussed the dramatic malaria epidemic in the country.

The country that was once considered a pioneer in malaria eradication is now reporting hundreds of thousands of cases annually. According to Dr. Paniz-Mondolfi, malaria rates in Venezuela are increasing at faster than anywhere in the world.

He also talks on how the malaria epidemic is spreading in the region.

In an alarming statement, Paniz-Mondolfi said in Venezuela you have a national guard standing over you when signing death certificates. “It’s absolutely prohibited to list malaria as a cause of death on a death certificate.”

LISTEN to the full interview with Dr. Paniz-Mondolfi: Venezuela epidemics: From measles to malaria with Dr. Alberto Paniz-Mondolfi


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