The Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) reported on an update of the food poisoning outbreak suspected linked to laksa that shows 19 new cases, bringing the total to 80, including two deaths.

Image/Malaydia MOH
Image/Malaydia MOH

The breakdown of cases is as follows: 31 cases in Perak [including two (2) death cases], 25 cases in Kedah and 24 cases in Selangor. Of these, only nine cases were still in the hospital and all were in stable condition.

To date, a total of 10 food samples were sent to the laboratory for testing, results are pending.

The actual cause of this food poisoning incident is still under investigation.

MOH again wants to advise people to seek immediate treatment if they experience symptoms of food poisoning. Food security procedures should be emphasized by all food operators and the public. Food should be eaten no more than four hours after preparation. Should it be stored, should be in the appropriate temperature and heated to a sufficient temperature to prevent food poisoning.

People also need to always practice food safety by choosing a clean food premise to buy food, and practice the concept of ‘look, smell and taste’ before eating to avoid eating stale foods. People are also advised to always practice their personal hygiene and wash their hands before eating and after using the toilet.