Officials at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden have reported an additional three cases of measles , including one case that could have exposed others, according to a news release Friday (computer translated).


This brings the total measles cases at the hospital to 15. Most of the 15 confirmed cases are adults and are believed to have been infected while visiting Sahlgrenska.

“We work intensively with infection tracking to contact those who may be exposed to infection in contact with this patient. The other two patients have been treated in a way that does not expose others to the hospital, says Görel Nergelius, chief physician at Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

“We are now seeing several cases and it is clear that the measles outbreak is not over yet. We continue to work methodically with infection tracking and other measures.”

On Friday afternoon, an emergency room patient seeking care was positive for measles; hence, risk that other patients and employees in the hospital may have been exposed.

Hospital officials remind the public that people who suspect they have measles should not be in waiting rooms in hospitals or health centers due to the risk of infection. If you are still looking for our emergency services at the hospital, please note that there are information signs and additional healthcare staff at the entrance to emergency services. The healthcare staff’s task is to ask about measles and vaccination status, in cases where there is suspicion of infection, these patients are treated separately.

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