The East Texas county of Montgomery has reported an addition 3 human West Nile virus (WNV) cases on Friday, bringing the total cases to 13 in the county of roughly a half million.

Montgomery County, Texas Image/David Benbennick
Montgomery County, Texas
Image/David Benbennick

A report in Your Houston News Saturday notes, the patients, who are all in stable condition,  are described as a woman in her 50s living in the center of the county; a man in his 60s living in South County; and a female teenager who also lives in South County.

Last week, the Montgomery County Commissioner’s Court met in a special emergency session to discuss the issue of West Nile Virus in Montgomery County. From that session, the court approved a resolution after determining that a pest condition in Montgomery County presented a significant risk to human health and must be controlled through the application of pesticide. The Court approved aerial spraying for mosquitoes in the areas of the county identified as the most heavily populated with West Nile positive results.

West Nile virus can be spread to people through bites from infected mosquitoes, but it is not contagious from person to person. Symptoms range from a slight headache and low-grade fever to swelling of the brain or brain tissue and in rare cases, death. People who have had West Nile virus before are considered immune. For more infectious disease news and information, visit and “like” the Infectious Disease News Facebook page

As of Aug. 19,  the Texas Department of State Health Services had confirmed 30 WNV cases with the three mentioned above not included in the total.