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In an update today from the Kerala Health Services, Kerala has so far confirmed a total of six cases of Nipah infection since the latest outbreak in the Kozhikode district. Two individuals lost their lives due to the virus, bringing the number of active cases down to four.

Health Minister Veena George said currently no new cases have been reported.

Everyone has been infected with the disease since the first Nipah case. There hasn’t been a second wave. This will be scientifically confirmed by performing genomic sequencing of the virus.

The nine year old child under treatment was removed from the ventilator. Currently have oxygen support. The minister informed that the improvement in the child’s health condition is expected.

1233 people are now in the contact list. 23 people have been admitted in medical college. There are 4 people in IMCH. 36 bat samples collected and sent for testing.

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Currently the situation is under control. 352 people are on the high risk contact list.