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Despite being shot multiple time, harboring multiple roundworm parasites and being infected with hepatitis B, the North Korean defector that made it into South Korea more than a week ago is expected to survive, according trauma specialist at Ajou University Hospital, Lee Cook-jong.


“His condition is good. It’s much better than we thought. The major operational procedures have been accomplished very successfully, but he is still in a dangerous state given his poor liver function and chest x-ray. There is a penetrating wound in his left chest,” Lee said.

“The patient will not die,” Lee added.

The defector, identified as a 24-year-old with the family name Oh, was hit by gunfire at least four times and underwent two surgeries to extract the bullets. He lost about half his blood and was transfused with some 42 pints.

In addition, infectious diseases plagued the young man–he was positive for hepatitis B, for which he is now taking medication, and the roundworms found in his intestines have been identified as Ascaris lumbricoides and Toxocara canis.

In addition, he was also diagnosed with inactive tuberculosis.

Despite the unbelievable prognosis, Lee cautions, “We cannot put our guards down because a patient who recovers this quickly may also deteriorate exceptionally quickly once they run into side effects”.

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