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In the Republic of Panama, 3,124 diagnosed cases of malaria have been registered so far, of which 94% are located in the following four areas: the East Panama Region, Darién, Guna Yala and the Ngäbe Buglé Region, as stated by Carmen Peréz, head of the vector control department of the Ministry of Health.

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Peréz recommended to the population that they should take vector control into account above all and if they are in jungle areas that are typical of the vector, take precautionary measures such as covering their skin well with mosquito repellents, using mosquito nets, which is a strategy of the Ministry of Health and keep the house clean.

“We must recognize the symptoms of malaria, which are fever, headache, general malaise, and nausea, therefore, anyone who presents these symptoms and is in a place that is difficult to access should look for the community collaborator and is close to the assistance post. seek help from their nearest doctor”, expressed Peréz.

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He reiterated the importance of prevention and self-care. He also stressed that human resources have been strengthened, medicine and mosquito nets have been purchased and health promotion interventions have been carried out to prevent more cases.