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According to the updated Health Surveillance report, in the last three weeks a total of 49 cases of chikungunya and 133 cases of dengue were identified within the national territory.

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In this period, 57% of chikungunya cases come from Central, Asunción and Itapúa. Currently, there are no cases of chikungunya in the departments of San Pedro, Caazapá and Alto Paraguay.

Concerning dengue, 80% of the cases come from Central, Asunción, Presidente Hayes, Concepción and Itapúa. In recent weeks, no dengue cases were identified in Alto Paraná, Caaguazú, San Pedro, Ñeembucú and Alto Paraguay.

The circulating dengue serotypes in the country are DEN 1 and DEN 2, with a predominance of both serotypes.

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Hospitalizations due to arbovirosis also continue to decline.

Since the beginning of the epidemic to date there are 288 deaths from chikungunya and 12 from dengue.

From EW 40 of 2022 (beginning of the Chikungunya epidemic in Paraguay) to EW 30 of 2023,
110,826 cases chikungunya cases were registered in the country.

The maximum peak was registered in EW 10/2023 with 8,962 cases, and during the last week (EW 30/2023), 12 cases were confirmed

There have also been cases of dengue in the country, these are to a lesser extent–6% of the chikungunya total.