By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews

The General Directorate of Health Surveillance in Paraguay confirms the presence of community transmission of the Delta variant in the Capital and the Central department.

Image/Robert Herriman

After the discovery of six cases of the Delta variant in Asunción (3) and Central (3), an epidemiological investigation was carried out. It was verified that only two of the cases identified with the variant of concern reported contact with travelers, but none had a travel history, so it is considered that the infections with the Delta variant are autochthonous.

Taking into account the study of cases and contacts, and given the presence of the Delta variant in the country, the population is urged to maintain sanitary measures to reduce the risk of infections: use of a face mask (mask), mainly in closed environments , persist in frequent hand washing, avoid crowds and maintain the recommended distance of 2 meters from all and ventilated interior environments.

It is also remembered that, even after vaccination, the care measures must continue. The COVID-19 vaccine protects against severe forms of the disease, but it does not prevent you from acquiring the virus and spreading it to others; in case of having suffered the infection, it does not prevent the possibility of reinfection, so it is urged to take measures especially to care for the population with risk factors or comorbidities.