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The Peru Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported the following in the case of a minor with acute flaccid paralysis in the Loreto region:

1. It is an isolated case of a child without a polio vaccine and others from the Scheme Regular, from a native community in the Datem del Marañón province, Loreto region, who presented symptoms of acute flaccid paralysis. 

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2. Polio, caused by the wild poliovirus that causes outbreaks and epidemics, is on its way to being eradicated from the world, and in Peru there is no case of this type. Exceptionally, cases of flaccid paralysis caused by the derived vaccine virus may appear, which is a consequence of the virus mutation in places with low vaccination coverage.

3. According to the results of the Oswaldo Cruz Institute/FIOCRUZ of Brazil, sent on March 21, the presence of wild poliovirus in the first stool sample collected from the minor was ruled out.

4. Within 12 hours of reporting the case, a multidisciplinary team from Minsa and the Regional Health Management (Geresa) Loreto traveled to the province of Datem del Marañón, where they carry out epidemiological surveillance (search for cases), interventions of vaccination such as vaccination sweep against polio and other vaccines of the Regular Scheme and prevention actions in the indigenous community where the minor lives, among the people around him and surrounding communities.

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5. Currently, the child is stable and is being constantly evaluated by a team of Minsa specialists, and a follow-up neurological evaluation is being scheduled. The case is under investigation.

6. The Minsa invokes the parents and especially the population of the native communities to allow the entry of the vaccination brigades so that their daughters and sons complete the Regular Vaccination Scheme. There are 5 doses to prevent polio. Girls and boys should receive the vaccine at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months and its boosters at 18 months and 4 years of age. Vaccines are safe, effective, quality and free. 

Minsa reiterates that Peru remains free of wild poliovirus, thanks to the vaccination campaigns that the health officials carry out throughout the national territory.