A 3-year-old girl from from Tingo María, Leoncio Prado Province in central Peru is in a Lima hospital (Hospital Dos de Mayo with) a serious infection with a “unusual” bacteria. In fact, according to a El Comercio report (computer translated), she is the only case of  Elizabethkingia meningoseptica infection reported in Peru

Image/Alvaro1984 18
Image/Alvaro1984 18

The child has been hospitalized for nearly two months suffering from widespread infection, organ failure and necrosis of the hands and feet.

Walter Peña, head of the Unit of Pediatric Intensive Care (ICU) of said hospital, explained that due to the seriousness of his condition he was 13 days Emergency and 14 ICU. During this time he underwent pulmonary hemorrhage, hemothorax (blood in the pleura), respiratory failure, septic shock, liver failure and disseminated intravascular coagulation (thrombi), resulting in necrosis in the left foot and two fingers of each hand and foot left, which should be amputated. “When there is a widespread infection on the road, the organs begin to fail,” he said.

E. meningoseptica is an environmental pathogen associated with opportunistic infections, particularly in debilitated persons or with some other immune compromise. It is also highly resistant to antibiotics.

There are also no reports in the medical literature on cases in Peru. Brazil is the country that has most reported in South America, “said Infectologist Cristhian Resurrection, Hospital Dos de Mayo.