According to officials with the Pacific Health Network Northern Regional Government of Ancash region in eastern Peru, more than 200 cases of the skin infection, Uta, have been reported and due to a lack of appropriate medication, dangerous home remedies are being used, according to a El Comercio report (computer translated).


Families have resorted to the use battery acid for cars, ground sulfur, petroleum jelly and herbs to treat the parasitic disease that causes skin ulcers.

Uta is a mild form of New World or American cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by the parasite, Leishmania peruviana, occurring in the high Andean valleys of Peru and Bolivia, and characterized by numerous small dermal lesions occurring almost exclusively on exposed skin surfaces.

The provinces of Pallasca, Santa and Yungay have been hit badly, according to the report.

The regional head of Ancash, Jhony Cano Suarez said 10,800 vials of gluconate have been distributed for the treatment of patients and has asked that patient go to health centers for treatment and not to use “home remedies”on Uta wounds as it can be harmful.