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On Saturday, the Philippines Department of Health (DOH) reported 4,351 more confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 1952 in Metro Manila, bringing the total to 157,918.

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In addition to Manila, Calabarzon reported 566 cases and Central Visayas saw 181.

Officials note, of the 4,351 reported cases, 3,469 occurred from August 2 to 15.

159 additional deaths were reported raising the tally to 2600.

The Department of Health (DOH) joined the global call to make mask use mandatory in order to reduce virus transmission. This is also in observance of World Mask Week, an international mask-wearing movement launched in collaboration with the Pandemic Action Network and the CDC Foundation, which ran this past week. The weeklong observance is a reminder of the importance of daily mask-wearing in going out of the home.

According to Eloise Todd, co-founder of the Pandemic Action Network, the purpose of the World Mask Week is to “build momentum to enlist more policymakers, leaders, and influencers to adopt and reinforce pro-mask policies by bringing together multiple mask campaigns currently underway.”

For World Mask Week, the DOH is doing its part by enjoining leaders in government and national agencies alike to be part of the movement, using their sphere of influence to encourage the public to wear masks in order to curb transmission of COVID-19.

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Until a vaccine or cure is developed, mask-wearing remains one of the most effective and feasible health practices that can protect the public from possible infection; masks serve as barriers, preventing the virus from being inhaled by uninfected people, and preventing infected persons from spreading them.