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The Philippines Department of Health released the last Epidemic- prone Disease Case Surveillance (EDCS) report for 2022 today covering from January 1 to December 31 and it shows that nearly all diseases in the categories of vaccine preventable diseases, vector-borne diseases, zoonotic diseases and food and waterborne diseases were higher in case totals than in 2021.

Image/Robert Herriman

Some important examples include measles–589 confirmed cases were reported in 2022, up 186 percent from the 2021 total of 206 cases.

Both vector-borne diseases tracked in the report were significantly higher. Dengue cases were up 185 percent in 2022 (226,497 vs 79,592) and chikungunya cases were up 545 percent (600 vs 93).

The number of human rabies cases/deaths saw an increase of 30 percent compared to 2021 (370 vs 284).

In addition, cholera cases increased by 227 percent and typhoid cases saw a jump of 163 percent.

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