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According to Poland’s Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO), results from testing on samples taken from dead cats from Lublin and Poznań became available:

Image by Katzenspielzeug from Pixabay

On June 26, 11 samples were tested at the National Veterinary Institute in Puławy, of which 9 gave a positive result for H5N1 influenza. Positive samples come from Poznań, Tri-City and Lublin. Further detailed studies of the genetic material of viruses are underway.

In addition, preliminary research excludes the origin of the influenza virus that has been causing gulls to become ill in recent weeks.

Today, a sanitary and epizootic meeting was held, where a plan for further action was discussed.

Work is underway to establish a protocol for monitoring the disease in cats in order to collect more detailed data on its course and occurrence.


The source of infection has not yet been identified.

By analyzing data from other countries, it was established that the rules to prevent possible contact of cats with the virus should be based on:

  • Keeping cats indoors if possible. Any release of the animal to the balcony or terrace should be preceded by washing the substrates with standard detergents;
  • Preventing contact between cats and other wild animals, including birds;

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  • Preventing cats from coming into contact with footwear that is used outside the home;
  • Feeding cats only food from known sources;
  • Washing hands after contact with animals (maintaining standard hygiene rules after coming from the court).