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In an update on the leptospirosis situation in Puerto Rico, health officials advise, given the increase in cases suspected of leptospirosis, they urge citizens not avoid having contact with water, soil, or food that may have been contaminated by contact with urine (or other secretions) of infected animals.

To date, a reported total of 72 cases suspected cases after the passage of Hurricane Fiona.

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“We have gone through a natural disaster and we ask for the help of citizens to to take adequate protection measures for recovery efforts. We urgently call for the use of gloves, safety glasses and shoes
closed and drink bottled water. Also, if you have a cut, use a band-aid or waterproof bandage and do not walk, swim, bathe, submerge your head or swallow flood water or any body of water that may be
contaminated. Finally, keep food, water, and garbage in containers closed to avoid contact with rodents”, pointed out Dr. Carlos Mellado, López, health Secretary.

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The Department of Health indicates that a person with a fever, headache, muscles aches, bloodshot eyes, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, jaundice (skin and eyes yellowish), rash and cough and has been walking barefoot through water from the flooding, or has been collecting debris without adequate protections, they could be infected. “You need to seek immediate medical assistance and tell your doctor about your symptoms and if you have been in contact with water or materials that could be infected for proper evaluation and treatment” concluded Mellado.